Second Surrender
Life & Death Coaching

About Jennifer Daly

Hi my name is Jennifer Daly and I am a grief educator and recovery coach. My journey to here, to and through my own second surrender, is as wide and as varied as each of you reading this.  I have done the practical pragmatic things life asks of us and I have experienced many losses along the journey.
I have spent 17 years in recovery from alcohol and a lifetime finding me.  Along the way I have lost pets, parents, jobs and relationships and sometimes I have lost me.
What I now know is that there is no right and there is no wrong there is only getting up and continuing.  For a long time I thought that meant starting over, I now know that it means to continue.  Second Surrender is about learning to continue along the path when we weren’t even sure we could stand up. 
So if you find yourself spiritually stuck the way out begins with just one step.